Ellicott City Brewery

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Where Can I Drink Beer?

I’m assuming that you’re not going alone right?… In that case, why not enjoy great beer along with great food, great music and an awesome environment?

We invite you to visit the Ellicott Mills Brewing Company (map and directions below).

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exterior sign of the ellicott city brewery in maryland
Photo belongs to www.ellicottmillsbrewing.com

Is There Food There?

Yes! I was actually just sifting through their restaurant menu on their website, and it made me hungry.

They have a variety of American style sandwiches, a flare of Maryland seafood, a long list of dishes to get you started, salads and vegan friendly dishes (listed as “Greens” on their menu), and classic American grill specialties. Click the link above to look through their menu ahead of time and don’t forget to check out the special coupon for Ellicott City Brewery.

All the information for the Ellicott city brewery can be found below. By the way, if you happen to be in the Baltimore area and are looking for places to eat in Baltimore, check those out too.


Ellicott City Brewery

Ellicott Mills Brewing Company
8308 Main Street, Ellicott City, MD 21043

Great Places To Enjoy Beer

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