Benefits for Merchants

  • Tells you what services your customers are looking for
  • Lets you create a coupon specifically for that customer
  • Lets you customize a coupon that is valid for the time that you choose
  • Lets you give coupons specifically for your slow business hours to attract the customer
  • Gives you an opportunity to direct customers to your website
  • Coupons can be created quickly and easily

Don’t have time to respond to every  customer request? No problem!Create coupons in advance for different times of days/week . Your coupons will be sent automatically to consumers whenever a matching request is received. What discount you offer and when is completely up to you.

eg. create separate coupons for Monday morning, evening, Friday morning, evening, etc. valid for up to 3 months.

How much will it cost?

My custom coupon is completely free for now and will not have anything to do with your Point Of Sale system. You can create coupons and manage them, entirely within the app.



Merchants Include
Local Grocery stores
Liquor stores
Auto Repair shops
Hair Salons
Vape shops
Other services
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