Dear Users,


We would like to thank you all for downloading the app and creating Requests for local businesses!

Just to humanize the app for you, we have another set of users – real local business owners who are happy to see you walk in with their Community Coupons and especially happy to see Requests for coupons from you, that they personally take the time to respond to!

They are waiting to see more Requests from you all.

The more you engage with the app and create Requests for what you want, the higher the merchant interaction. We have seen this is in the Categories for Pizza (especially larger orders) and Liquor Stores, where you all have been making Requests and merchants have responded with amazing deals you cannot get anywhere else! Simply because they are able to customize the deals privately for you!


Based on your feedback, we are now actively bringing on board:

  1. Mom-n-Pop Grocery Stores: We have a few grocery stores in the app and are trying to approach local farmers if they would like an opportunity to use the app to reach you all (their customers) directly.
  1. Automotive:
    1. Auto Servicing
    2. Used Car sales
    3. Car wash & detailing


We know the app still needs a few feature improvements and maybe a new look, and we will continue to work to towards it. Your feedback is very valuable to us and we request you to please give it to us.

MyCustomCoupon is a completely free app that tries to give local mom and pop businesses a platform to compete on the same level as the big chains, to directly reach you, the customer with their best offers.

We hope that you will actively use this app by creating Requests and giving local merchants the opportunity to give you their best offers!

If you are a local business owner and are interested in signing up as a merchant in the app, please call or email us.


Ashish & Beena Bakshi (Founders)


Tel: 410 834 1635




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