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Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to get the best coupons? We did…and now, there’s an app for that! My Custom Coupon helps consumers get coupons “the other way around” – the way it should be!

Confused? Let me clarify.
How do we usually get coupons? Merchants advertise the coupons they can afford to give out. They give out the ones that are safest as they don’t want you walking in with a great discount during their busiest hours. Whenever you need a coupon, you go to the various resources available to you – websites, mailers, newspapers, apps and you scour them to find the coupon you want. Once you find that perfect coupon, you save it, clip it, email it or buy it.

Instead, what if you could tell the merchants what services you were looking for, when and how much your budget is? Merchants get your request and send you coupons specially customized for you, directly to your phone? They could also tell you, that if you could come at another specified time, they might be able to give you a better discount. You pick the coupon you like best and simply show it to the merchant at check-out.Done!

What does this do? Why is this good?
• It opens up a new channel of communication between you and your local merchants.
• It gives the merchant complete control of his coupons – what discount to give, the days and hours for which the coupon is valid, whether to give the coupon only to you or to make it Public.
• The merchant might willingly offer you a better deal during slow business hours, knowing that the coupon can only be used when specified by him.
• You get the exact coupons for the services you are looking for, delivered directly to your mobile phone.

This app is going to be launched very soon, in the Towson/Baltimore metro area, initially. It will be absolutely free for the merchants for the first few months, until we can build up a consumer base that justifies a fee. We do not intend to have any contracts for merchants. The app will always be free for consumers.

We’re a local family from Ellicott City and we want to launch it in our community first, as this is such a great, diverse and tech-savvy community, and we sincerely hope that this app is able to help everyone!

We would love to hear what you think about this idea!

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