MyCustomCoupon App lets you request Custom Coupons directly from Local Businesses. The App also has pre-made coupons created by local businesses that you can use anytime.

When you download the app, you automatically get hundreds of coupons from all of our local businesses. You can either pick one,


You can create a Request for the service you are looking for and when

Business owners will respond directly to your Request with customized coupons

Choose the coupon you like best and show it at checkout

Enjoy huge savings!

Once you have selected the coupon you like, simply show it on your phone, at check out. Hit the “Use Coupon Now” button and enter the bill amount and 4 digit validation code (the server/cashier/manager will have it) to redeem your coupon.

Earn reward points after you have correctly entered the 4 digit validation code.

MyCustomCoupon lets you tell your local businesses when you are looking for their services. You can tell them exactly what you want and when. Your Request is sent to all our merchants who are closest to you, and they can send you Custom Coupons that are created just for you.

So if you need to order Pizza or Liquor for your party, or get your car repaired, just hit the Requests>Create Request tab and tell merchants exactly what you want.


“I have shoulder length hair and I need a haircut and highlights.”

“Looking for Facial for 2 ladies”

“I need 6 Large Cheese and 2 Large Pepperoni pizzas for my kids Birthday Party.”

“I need all brakes changed on my 2012 Honda Accord EX, V4 engine, 60000 miles”

“Please let me know your best price after discount for 3 bottles of Chardonnay and 2, 24 pk cases of Bud Light”

Be sure to turn your app notifications ON so you know when you get Custom Coupons.

When you make a request, your email address is not shared with Local Merchants. All they know is that a user in the app, local to them has made a Request. They can choose to respond to the Request when and with the offer they want.

MyCustomCoupon does not filter your Requests to the merchants nor control the Custom Coupon responses made by business owners.

If you want a coupon right away, just select one from the hundreds of coupons already available in the app

Create a Request in less than 30 seconds and get Custom Coupons from all Local Merchants registered in the app.

Save big with Custom Coupons.

Save Time! You just create a Request and that one Request gets you the best coupons from businesses around you.

Get Custom Quotes with savings for Requests on Catering, Pizza orders, Auto Repair, Quotes from your neighboring Liquor Stores. Save on Salons, Spas, Barbershops and Gyms

When you look through the coupons, you see only the ones that are closest to you. And you only see coupons from businesses that are up to 10 miles away from you. If you want to see coupons from businesses further away, just go to the Menu>Edit Profile/Zip code and change your zip code to wherever you want coupons from. Currently, we have coupons from businesses in Howard County, Baltimore and Towson.